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With glittering our army rides!
(With strange feelings in men’s hearts.)
Fame and respect they will get!
(Some of them will find the death.)

Bring us hope and victory!
(Just suffering and misery.)
We will wait to welcome you!
(Yes, I’m sure that you will do…)


Ride until your horse will fall,
don’t look back, forward they call:
“For the Lord and for the land,
before the day in darkness end!”

Faster, faster, my brave knight,
before the darkness of the night
cover you with the cloak of tears
springing from the deepest fears.

Once you were bred for this task,
that’s why you were never asked
what you want and how you feel,
when you know the death is near.

Soon your sword, the sharpest blade
which was ever by elves made,
will be unsheathed to taste the blood
of those who’d upset king and God.


You are near to battle field
quiet yourself, don’t feel the guilt,
your Lord said and you did so,
now - again - you have to go.

No battle will be here tonight,
it’s only you, who have to fight,
you’re too quick and they’re slow,
you can kill them at a blow.

With cold face ignore the screams,
you happily have no dreams,
do not sleep, ‘cause do not have to,
all nightmares are afraid of you.

You are a traitor of your kind,
that’s why you will never find
peace and love inside your heart.
You are cursed, Shadow Guard!

Always calm in battle thrill,
lonely – but not of your will,
close, but hiding out of sight,
loving the sun, work in night.

You didn’t want to end like this –
– killing humans in the mist,
in the service of the others…
if only on this really matters.


No one is sure, who you are,
no one cares, ‘cause in the war
you’re what they want you to be:
the hero with great destiny.

About your glory will bards sing,
about your loyalty to the king,
about your kindness, bravery,
about the man you NEVER used to be.

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Vloženo: 21:34:32  03. 12. 2005

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