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Ahojte! Tento príbeh mám už roky v hlave, a tak je dobre aby som to konečne porozprával vám. Dúfam že mi prepáčite že je v angličtine. :) This is a story from long ago, from times when a dwarf and an elf would be brothers, and when the darkness would not endanger the free races. However, it were humans who were hated... There was a huge battle fought between Humans and the elves. After 2 days of fighting, the humans started fleeing, and fled in to the forests, still being chased by the elves. And this is where my story begins. As the human ranks were fleeing thrugh the forests, the wind carried their screams: " Run! Save your selves!" The elves, on horseback now, were chasing them, and those who they captured, they cut to pieces. Amongst those running, was the Human footmen Lorin. His squadron, led by a Captain was somehow managing to retreat in a line, holding their formation. " Hold the line mates! Dont brake fleeing! We must hold together!" said the Captain. In front, they were holding their banner of a silver sword on a white field. As they were marching through the forest, all of a sudden they heard horses from behind. " Its the elves! Run!" yelled the troops, and started fleeing. Not even their captain could hold them together now. The elves drew their bows out, and while riding they shot the running troops in their backs. The humans who held the line turned around, and by the order of " Charge forward!" they drew their swords, and in a straight line ran towards the elves. Lorin, was in the 2nd line, right behind the Captain. " Get'em!" The elves drew their spears and started the battle. The human captain fell as one of the first cassualties, and Lorin stepped forward, taking his place. He smashed his sword forward, and stabbed a horse. The fallen elf stood up, but Lorin managed to stab him too. Lorin's sword was now covered by the clean elven blood. The elves were countless, and the humans were less every second. The battle didn't last very long, and the humans started fleeing, in no formation since they had no captain. " Run!" yelled the men. The elves slaughtered every one of them...except one. It was Lorin, hidden in the river that was flowing nearby. After he was out of breath he swam up and gapsed for air. He was cold and he started to cry. The field was covered by the bodies of his comrades, his friends. Their banner was broken and covered by mud, rampaged by the elven horses. He washed his eyes, and knew what he must do. In there forests was exiled an very old Dwarf. His name was Drash, and he was exiled because he had crazy inventions. Lorin immediatly knew he must search for him. He got up, and started walking, not knowing in which direction to search. He was trusting his instinct. It was beginning to get dark, so he climbed up on a tree, and fell in a big sleep... He was woke up by some nearby voices " Great battle my brothers. I killed at least 15" It was 3 elves, on their horseback, returning from yesterday's massacer. Lorin shook, and the elven ears, hering every little sound stopped, and listened. " What was that?" " I guess your horse stepped on something" " No,no,no...it came from that tree." Lorin had to act. If the elves saw him, they would kill him. So he had no choice, but to jump on the elves. He fell on the 1st elf, throwing him to ground, and thus killing him. " Human dog! Get him!" there were 2 elves left, and they drew their swords. " You will pay for my mates! " shouted Lorin, and attacked the nearest elf. He hit him so hard, the elven helmet fell off, and Lorin stabbed the elf. He fell off his horse. When the last elf saw he had no chance 1vs1 against Lorin, he rode away. Lorin took the dead elf's bow and took aim...pulled the bow...and shot. He killed the elf. At least he revenged his fallen friends. He took the best looking horse, and rode. He rode for 3 days, with small fights, until he came to a very small house. "Drash" he said. He knocked on the door. " Who is it?" said a voice from behind the door. "I'am Lorin, an escaped human, and I'am seeking your help. " The doors opened, and there stood a dwarf aiming at Lorin with a crossbow. "What do you want?" said Drash. "I need your help. I must escape home. I was fighting these elves, and I'am the only survivor." " Anyone fighting the elves, are my allies." said Drash and welcomed Lorin in his little house. He gave Lorin food, and then said" Damn the elves! They are the ones who exiled me here. They didnt believe in my inventions...so how can I help you Lorin?" " I need to get home. I must tell the story of my fallen comrades." "I got the thing you need! I will probably be killed for using it, but at least I will know it works. " said Drash, and with Lorin he went into an old looking garage. It was a zeppelin. Lorin stepped into it. It was like a boat deck, made of wood. Drash gave him some food supplies, and then opened the roof. The zeppelin flew sraight up. Drash started to cry... In a few days, the elves shot Drash, but he died in good. And Lorin, after a few days he landed back home, and told the story of the elves and humans. The elves will never forget the name of Lorin. It was a name, they feared... Ak ste si tento pribeh prečítali, prosím emailnite ma, alebo skomentujte, nech viem ako sa vám to páči. Dík.
E-mail: protos25@hotmail.com
Vloženo: 17:01:38  26. 07. 2003

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